Structural Bioinformatics Group

Open Positions


Position for 1 doctoral student (2 years) is offered.

The successful candidate will:

  • develop modules for OpenMRS and participate in OpenMRS core development
  • develop forms in OpenMRS using the HTML Form Entry module
  • exchange aggregated data with other systems e.g. the Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Desired qualifications:

  • Expert knowledge of OpenMRS core and module development
  • Advanced knowledge of object oriented programming with Java
  • Solid grasp of web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JSP/JSTL, AngularJS
  • Experience with LINUX
  • Excellent problem solving and debugging skills

Please contact us for further details.

BMBF - BB3R - Reduction, Refinement, Replacement of animal testing

Positions for 2 doctoral students (2 years) are offered.

The successful candidate will:

  • work on development of alternative methods to animal testing and in 3R – Reduction, Refinement, Replacement – or in the field of drug design
  • gain experience in research in the field of prediction of: ADMETox, off-targets and acute toxicity
  • have experience in the field of chemical databases and fragment based approaches and cellular fingerprints such that a database including chemical compounds and descriptors will be established
  • implement QSAR models based on experimentally determined toxicity values
  • participate in data exchange and communication with consortium partners

Desired qualifications:

  • Masters/PhD in bioinformatics, biology, biotech or related fields with strong background in computational biology
  • Experience working in drug development/structural biology projects
  • Excellent command of English (written and oral)
  • Highly motivated person with proven skills in team working and communication