Structural Bioinformatics Group


Welcome to the Structural Bioinformatics Group!

Synopsis of Our Activities

Our goal is to undertake bioinformatics-related research and education with emphasis on structural bioinformatics to improve our understanding of living systems. The interdisciplinary research spans a broad range of topics in Bio/Cheminformatics and Personalized Medicine with a special emphasis on understanding of the evolution, structure, function and interaction of chemicals, proteins and disease relationships.

We develop machine learning and computational models for prediction of chemical induced toxicity, off-targets as well as therapeutic targets. Overall, we accept the challenge to predict the results of in vitro experiments via computational modeling, simulation and screening to complement the principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement). We believe that our research contributions and models could significantly reduce the numbers of experiments needed to estimate chemical toxicity and assessment of toxic doses of chemicals in rodents.

Along the way, we develop many resources for the community, for example:

More information on our research activities as well as databases and applications developed in our group is available here.

We are now a part of the Charite Technology Transfer initiative. For more information please check the catalogue [PDF]